Friday, August 15, 2014

Photography Friday {Mallori the CUTIE-ful}

Happy Friday everyone! I love Fridays because it means we get to spend time with our Main Man for 2 whole days! And sometimes, like this weekend, I get to go to work! ;)

Today, the subject of my photo post is my middle sister, Mallori Evelyn. I've posted about this little firecracker before, but I took these photos of her playing in the backyard and I just couldn't resist sharing.

Mali has always been so full of joy! To know her, is to love her. She is mischievous like a boy, but oh so prissy. She loves jewelry, shoes and dress up. Shocker! Hey, she is my kid, right?! She is smiling 95% of the time (I'd guess her cheeks hurt) and has more personality that i can handle most days! She keeps us laughing for sure!

She's the best at: giving hugs
She loves: Her Daddy, her Big "Sissy/PaytiePoo,"
Frozen and Minnie Mouse
Favorite Food: fruit
 Other fun fact: She calls Dora "Dork" and Barbie "Party". I giggle every single time and correcting her doesn't ever cross my mind. Mainly because Dora drives me crazy and the Barbie thing makes me think of that know, "C'mon Barbie let's go party, ah ah ah, yeah!" Yep, you know what I'm talking about if you remember the 90s.

She keeps walking in while I am working, sees her pictures and says "See Mali?" and bringing me dress-up clothes saying "I wanna wear dis! Please Mom, I wear dis." I swear, I can't handle her cuteness!

The last one is the "stop following me around with your camera, Mom" face....
Ha! Hope you enjoyed!

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