Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't forget the sunscreen

So, today I am dreaming of summer! It is a chilly 36 degrees here, with snow in the weekend forecast. You'd think after 2 years in Montana the Missouri winter would be a piece of cake, but 36 here is brrr! Stupid humidity. 

So, I decided to browse swim suits today to make me feel a little warmer.

Have you seen how cute they are making one pieces these days!? Nothing wrong with some modesty. After 3 children, the last one being only 7 weeks old (today!), I'm thinking one pieces are my best option this summer. Nordstrom has a fabulous one piece selection this season. 

Here is what I found that I am LOVING...

First up, this Robin Piccone crochet overlay beauty! It comes in black (personal favorite), white, geranium, oasis and navy. You can get yours here
 Next, is this stunner from Juicy Couture. It is simple and sweet (and there will be no strap tan lines!) It comes in regal (shown) and beauty. The color names make it even better! You can't go wrong. 
Go here to get yours
 Finally, Trina Turk does not disappoint with this printed number. It's hard to find a cute printed suit that is not floral (nothing against flowers, but seriously, it's been done thousands of times). 
Get this one here
And for the readers that might be bikini ready, I've had my eye on this. By Mara Hoffman, it has a bohemian vibe, which I love! If by some miracle I get my body back before summer, I'd opt for this. You can get one here from my friends at Mosaic

And please, don't forget the sunscreen!!! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The reason behind the blog...

     I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for awhile now. It has been a back and forth game in my mind of "should I? or shouldn't I?" Last week, I asked my sisters what they thought. My slightly older than me sister gave me an encouraging thumbs up, telling me "you would be a great blogger." Well, that being said, no promises of greatness, just a real mom of 3 sharing her loves and struggles during this journey called life.
     So, last week is when I really started considering this a little harder than in the past. And, my almost 2 year old gave me that final nudge to blog and enter a world that is mine (and yours if you choose to read and post). In one day, she had done this....
yep, that's peanut butter!!

and this....
K-cups aren't cheap. See that foot print?

all before nap time.....when she looks like this...

Now, I know I am partial, but I think she is about the cutest thing ever. She is my middle child and the girl is WILD! Her name is Mallori. She is so full of joy. She wakes up happy, and goes to bed happy, and is a whole lotta mischievous in between!
I know parents are not supposed to have favorites, but let me be real, if I could have a favorite child, it'd be her. Despite her shenanigans, she has a firm grip on my heart and all she has to do is look at me with that smile and I completely crumble. 
To top off her messy day, we had spaghetti. She eats spaghetti naked, because, well, because of this....

So, if you are reading this and you are a mom, I trust you understand days like this. Days where you want an escape from your life into a good book, a movie, ice cream, a blog, the list could go on. I love my children and they are God's greatest gift to me, but it ain't always easy y'all!

P.S. I promise my posts will not always be about my children. After all, I intend for it to be my escape!