Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The One with Too Much to Talk About....

    Whew! I hate that it has been a week since my last post, but there are many good reasons behind it. First of all, last week I was literally in survival mode by Wednesday evening. Damien left on Monday morning to go to Dallas for the week. It was my first time with all three children, by myself, for longer than 24 hours. He was gone much more frequently in Montana, almost half of every month was spent traveling. We get to have him home much more here in MO, which is wonderful. Wednesday, I put the big girls in bed at 7:00 (their bed time is normally 7:30) because I just couldn't take it anymore! Needless to say, I was anxiously awaiting Damien's return home on Thursday like a kid waits for Christmas morning. What makes it even better, is that he came home with a caramel pecan covered apple from Rocky Mountain Candy Co. Mmmmm. 
     The weekend, for me, was pretty much non-existent. I work part-time (very part-time) for Clinique and will be helping out at a Dillard's counter here during their free gift with purchase (get yours while they last or thru March 28). My 3 favorite Clinique items right now are: Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. It is THE BEST eye cream if you are concerned with dark circles (take it from a mother of 3 who are 5 and under!). Repairwear Laser Focus Smoothes, Restores, Corrects. Look no further for a wrinkle cure! It's a laser treatment in a bottle. Results will not disappoint. Finally, Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer. Trust me when I say your skin will feel baby soft with this stuff! Also, it will appear brighter and more radiant. If you already have products that you love, just Shop now! You get to choose your choice of pink or coral polish and lipstick too. Coral lipstick is very light and pretty, for those who don't like a dark lipstick. The pink shade is deeper and brighter. Both are great choices and either polish will be fabulous on your tootsies for spring and summer! 
    And, that is what I spent my weekend doing! Telling all kinds of Clinique clients the benefits of Clinique products. I call it "work," but in actuality, it is my break from my "real job" of raising my girlies. It is wonderful to be able to get out of the house sans children and talk with other grown-ups about something I love and that I'm so passionate about. A Clinique friend of mine posted on her Facebook page today about how we only get one face. It's something I've also shouted at people (not literally shouted, but spoke passionately about) for years. It is so important to take care of your skin!!! You literally only get ONE FACE! And although I believe that Clinique is the best for skin, there are some other really great brands out there. Find one you like and take care of your skin.
     Off of my skin care soap box, and on to other important things. FOOD!. Yep, I have cooked up 2 fabulous dinners recently that I have been dying to share! Friday night was Damien's first night home for dinner all week and I decided to cook stuffed peppers. I have never made stuffed peppers before, but I found a Martha Stewart recipe that sounded delicious and the picture looked even more delicious. Ah, there they are.
The recipe calls for sweet Italian sausage, but I used spicy, because we like our food with a kick. I also didn't use any green bell peppers because, well, I don't like green bell peppers. And, instead of bread crumbs, I used Club Crackers. They were so good!

Last night, I stepped it up again and made some taco soup with guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches. I could quite literally eat a guacamole grilled cheese sandwich every day for the rest of my existence and be content. SO GOOD. I didn't take my own picture, but here is one for you to lust after.
I used the guacamole recipe linked in her site. I used an extra serrano pepper in mine (extra kick!). Also, she didn't add the tomato to the guac in the recipe for the grilled cheese, because she opted for tomato slices. Not only do I not really enjoy tomato slices on my sandwiches, I was also a little afraid it would make the bread soggy. So, I made it just like the recipe. I'm pretty sure these sandwiches will be in heaven for our enjoyment. 

If you love good food, like I do, follow my FOOD! board on Pinterest. The Grilled Cheese is actually on my Let's do lunch! board, so check it out as well. I delete anything I have tried that is not good, so anything there is either delicious or I haven't made it yet. Always feel free to ask me! 

Tonight I am making buffalo chicken lettuce wraps (I already made the home made ranch dressing and it's chilling in my fridge). If the buffalo chicken lettuce wrap link disappears, you will now they were no bueno. 

This morning, I also tried my hand at some protein breakfast cookies. I have always been quite skeptical of a "healthy cookie". I mean, kinda an oxymoron, right? But, it's nice to have a healthier grab and go option around here, so I made them. They are quite tasty and Mallori liked them too. (she basically likes anything edible and when she wants something you are eating, she will walk up to you with her bow-legs and say "biiiite". You will always share because she is so cute, you cannot resist). 

I did not use the protein powder (because all we have here is chocolate and I didn't think that would be so yummy). I also vetoed the butter extract and nuts. I like buts, but I think the oatmeal adds enough texture that I didn't feel they were needed. The protein powder and nuts would add more protein, so if you are wanting something with really high protein, I would add them. I did use semi-sweet mini chocolate chips. I think next time I will add a bit of cinnamon too though. She also says 20-30 minutes for cook time. I prefer chewy cookies, so mine were done in 20. I've already had two and a half (would've been 3, but I shared with my little cookie monster).

So, now that you are most likely starving, that is all I have for today. As always, I love to hear your thoughts about my thoughts!! ;)
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