Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Hello Bloggers! Oh my how I have missed you!! I cannot believe it has been slightly longer than a month since my last post. I have been a bit busier than normal, worked a bunch of hours at my part-time gig and started a new workout routine plus the usual mom of three stuff.

So, an update on the personal stuff and then I'll get to what's been on my mind and the "meat" of today's post. Payton (5) has started reading! I am beyond thrilled with her progress. Her pre-k teachers have done an outstanding job with her this year and she and I have been spending time reading before bed. She has this giddy little giggle when she sounds out the word and gets it right. It makes this mama proud! She also got out of bed the other day, got dressed and brushed her teeth all before coming out to greet her dad, Brooklyn and I. Damien asked me when she grew up. My response, I have no idea.

Mallori (will be 2 on 5/22) is quite literally a chuckle a minute. She is learning new things everyday and makes me smile so much, my face hurts. She was hiding behind a curtain and poking her head out saying "peeku" (her peek-a-boo) and then added "I see you!" She also has joined a gang and has been tagging walls in my house. Yes, if you were to visit our house right now, you would see Mallori art all over the walls. Still as mischievous as ever.

Brooklyn is now 3 and a half months! I cannot believe it! The girl laughs and grins like you wouldn't believe. Especially at her big sisters. She is also rolling over on the regular and trying to pull herself into a sitting position (when propped with the boppy pillow). She also has started sucking her pointer and middle fingers together. It'll get obnoxious if it becomes a habit, but it's still so new that I find it cute and endearing. Sleeping through the night too y'all! Woohoo!! Now, if I could only get Payton to follow suit...

Damien is busy too! He has a lot going on with work this time of year. He has these store visits that have to be done before July (I think), so he's running all over the St. Louis area getting those done, coming home and working on his laptop in the evenings. He is also getting up early and doing Insanity before work. The, when I have been working on the weekends, he has been playing Mr. Mom and killing it! My girls LOVE their Daddy!

And me, well, the weekends that I worked were great and I've been in the kitchen a fair amount over the last month. Some of my favorite things that I have made is this past month are this pizza, this burrito bowl, this bread, and this dessert. All are great recipes for summer! The pizza and burrito bowl are both vegetarian dishes. I'm not a vegetarian, but I love a tasty and filling meatless option sometimes. For the burrito bowls, I substituted the rice for quinoa. For a delicious beef meal, I made these burgers and seriously, no restaurant burger holds a candle! It was a serious burger. So, in addition to all the great eats, I have been working out. Damien ordered me Focus T25 and Shaun T delivers. He means SERIOUS business. I'm in week 5 of the 10 week program and it still kicks my butt, daily. And I LOVE IT! If I'm gonna work out, I wanna know that I worked out. If you are looking for something and don't have a bunch of time to dedicate to working out, you should order it. Order yours here.

I took way to long playing catch up and now I feel like I need to save my important thoughts for another night. Stay tuned....I promise I won't make you wait an entire month!
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