Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Note to Self

I'm not a person who boasts about not living with regret. Actually, I regret many things from my past and regret is something that I believe is okay to feel, just not to dwell on. I am a child of The One True King and he has forgiven me. We all have made mistakes or have said something we wish that we could take back. But we can't undo. 

So, this little quote popped up in my Facebook news feed last week. 

It really made me start thinking about things I would tell the younger Liz. Although, I could never imagine it only being two words. So, today I'm sharing the letter than I penned to "the younger me" (think 14ish). I probably wouldn't have listened to the older me, because, well, I'm stubborn. 
Here goes...

Dear Elizabeth,
       Remember when you sat in front of your toy box and asked Jesus to come into your heart? Well, I think you may have forgotten that your body is now His temple. One guy decided that he didn't like you anymore and you decide to prove that you are "mature" enough to handle an older boy by mistreating your body. You are not treating your body like a temple at all. Smoking is bad for your insides and will age you on the outside. You are far too young to drink alcohol and the way that you partake, is abusing it. Your body should be on reserve for your husband. Guys who are wanting physical attention from you are not guys you should be associating with. These things do not make you more mature, they make you stupid.
        I know that this party phase of your ever so young teenage years will dissolve, and you will be forever grateful for the reason they dissolve. In high school, nurture friendships. Focus on school so you get good grades and can attend college with scholarship,s instead of getting student loans that will be a burden later in life. There will come a time in your life when you are ready to marry, high school is not that time. Again, spend time with friends and stay focused on school. There are many great love stories of people who happily marry their high school sweethearts. You will not be among them.
      Although no one can tell you this in high school, you are smitten with him and everything he is. He is good for you. He doesn't smoke or drink, so his influence is good for you. God very well could have placed him into your life to prevent many bad choices which would then allow bad things to happen to you. You will be forever grateful for him. When you do realize he is not your forever, be gentle. His love is real and he deserves the same love in return. Don't hold on just because it is comfortable.
      Be kind with your words. You have a sharp tongue and it pierces deeper than you will probably ever know. You will forever regret things that come from your lips and once they are out there, they can never be unsaid. Be nice to your little brother too. Even though you'll know he loves you and even forgives you, there will be enormous amounts of guilt you will live with because of how you mistreated him.
       When all is said and done, you will find the one whom your soul loves and you will marry him and have beautiful babies. He will help you in becoming the best version of yourself. He will love you, in spite of your flaws. God will hold tight to you. He heard your prayer when you were a little girl and he is faithful. His protection over you during your darkest days is nothing short of miraculous. He will pull you back to himself and tell you that you are beautiful and loved, despite the scars of your past.
      So, be wise, young one. Cling to your Savior to spare yourself the guilt and regret. Know that there is only one path that does not lead to destruction.
                                                                                              Much love,
                                                                                                      Your Older Self

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